Friday, May 17, 2024

New Kevin Purdy release


The seventh solo album by Kevin Purdy, aka Purdy, released on the 7th of June 2024.

This album continues to explore Purdy’s trademark multi-layered, cinematic production style that takes you on a scintillating journey, full of wondrous melodic and psychotropic twists and turns.

Kevin, once again, returns as a vocalist and lyricist (for 1/2 the album anyhoot), something he has done for most of his life but took a departure from that world for several years to focus on more instrumental and sample driven productions.

The Kevin Purdy album has deep resonances of his musical romances and journeys, digging deep into his love of 60’s and 70’s pop rock, psychedelia, krautrock, folk, soul, garage punk and soundtracks. The album also scratches the boundaries of post punk, experimental music and jazz skronk. 

This new album is deeply personal for Kevin, a sort of “coming of age”, reflecting over his life, loves, friends, pains, politics and pleasures. It contains a deep, yet uplifting resonance.

Kevin plays most of the instruments on the album and handles all of the production duties, except for Mastering, which he happily hands over to the majestic King Willy.
The album features a fantastic cast of guest musicians: Penny McBride, on trumpet (Boyracer, Cannanes, Box Freezer Romance, Glovebox etc.), Joe Cannon, vocals and guitar (Rusty Dusty Brothers), Geoff Towner, bass (Geoff Kevin, The Dead Tree, Sal Paradise, El Mopa, A Gold Star Secret etc), Amanda Stewart, vocals (Machine For Making Sense, 180ยบ etc), Paula Henderson, baritone saxophone (Secretary, Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber, White Cross etc), Christian Houllemare, bass (Happy Hate Me Nots, New Christs, Bad Brains etc etc), along with Peter Hollo on cello (Raven, Fourplay etc)

Kevin Purdy - SOFT012,  is on Soft Records available on CD & Download through MGM Distribution Australia

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Avoidance by Geoff Kevin is here!!!


Soft Records wish to announce the release of the fab new album ‘Avoidance’, by Geoff Towner and Kevin Purdy, under the guise of Geoff Kevin

This was a fantastic coupling, born out of a combined respect, not only for each other as artists but also our shared magic wonder of music.
I would like to thank Geoff, for this great opportunity to work with such a great composer and lyricist.

I want to deeply thank the musicians who went out of their way to help make this such a beautiful album: Jim Denley, Peter Hollo, Penny Mcbride and Yasmin Percy, I bow to you with love and respect.
Love also to those who helped wrangle this baby together: Sidat de Silva (video), Chris Familton (publicity), William Bowden (mastering), MGM (distribution), Dale Harrison (design & layout), Amanda Stewart (unending support), James Tsai (photography), Keith Dunstone (the amazing cover photos) and lastly but not leastly, my sorely missed friend Christian Houllemare (bass on The Letdown)


You can get hold of the LP and CD through MGM Distribution, Red Eye Records, Utopia, Radio Free Alice, Egg Records, Bandcamp and all groovy record stores. You can download the album from many quality download sites including Bandcamp

Friday, October 1, 2021

Avoidance Arrives!!!


"The tracks often skirt the baroque, usually to lean back into a casual register. There’s a lot of space in the songs, making the record a low-key listening luxury." 

Philip Brophy - The Wire Oct 2021 




Friday, September 22, 2017

In Transit arrives!

The beautiful, new, album by Purdy, In Transit, has made it back from the presses.
This is Purdy's sixth album, which continues his outbound trajectory of sonic discovery.
With this album Purdy has utilized a live organic, intuitive approach, as he did with 2012's Illumination, but here there is stronger form and brighter colours. Six wonderful journeys with Purdy's classic cinematic and progxotic style.
Purdy has used comparatively few record samples for this release, with his field recordings being a prominent part of the samplogical extravaganza
All the instruments are played by him, except for those played by his extra special guests, Jim Denley - sax and flute, Simon Ferenci - trumpet, Amanda Stewart - voice and Peter Hollo - cello. Additional vocals Matt Leigh and John Kent, as well as a great many critters.
Mastering by William Bowden and Layout by Dale Harrison.

Order the CD and Download  through MGM Dist. or at your favorite funky retailer and downloader.

We are launching In Transit on the 5th of October at Radio Free Alice 
With it's official release on the 6th of October through MGM Distribution 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Story So Far

Body Variations is off to a lovely start. 
The album has received some beautiful reviews, as well many radio features, including: Tim Ritchie's 'Sound Quality', on ABC RN and Andre Calman's 
'The Space Inbetween' on 2SER, Presenting the album in full. 
There were also special features on 'The Art of Bleep' on 3PBS and Jonathon Alley's 'Under the Sun' on 3RRR.

3RRR's current Top 10